I’ll try your tip the next time I refill one of the cartridges. Perhaps use Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Keeps saying there is a transfer roller media jam. Looking down you will see 1 screw on the front side and two screws on the rear side of the scanner. We reinstalled it several time and receiving the same error massage. I am a senior citizen, but not altogether daft! Before this sometimes when printing in color, part of the page would be in color and the rest would be in black and white.

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Also, I only have konica bizhub c353 guide in hardcopy, for some unknown and stupid reason, but I am happy to fax it to you for free, but it is 34 pages, so make sure you have plenty of paper avail. The printing halted when this noise started. Konica DL – Transfer Belt has bumps in it. It has about 9, faces, color, and 25, planes on it. The konica bizhub c353 desk says there is a sensor 3 inches below the transfer roller I cannot see anything that looks like a flag sensor at that location.

I have taken so many things off and put them back on, banged, clanged, snapped, crackled and popped everything I can see on both of them and still the error won’t go away.

I had the grinding on one of my earlier ‘s and had to replace cartridge. konica bizhub c353

Try cleaning the media rollers with solution. Thanks in advance, Mario. That read kind of weird Hi, I bought refill toner and the instructions said to access the ‘mode settings’ and uncheck the ‘auto toner replace’ but this area of the toolbar is not highlighted for me to access.

Is there any way to reset the memory card. Thank you so much! What does the status screen tell you – if konica bizhub c353 don’t have a status screen or don’t know what one is – reinstall the printer from the original CD’s – that should give konica bizhub c353 the status screen and enable you to konw ehat the machine is telling you is wrong.

bizhub C554e/C454e/C364e/C284e/C224e

Any advice or starting points would be dearly appreciated. Bizub have weighed each cartridge. Looking down into the printer you will see the laser scanner window facing straing up.

I cleaned konica bizhub c353 packed toner off the felts and wiper and reinstalled same drum konica bizhub c353 I have perfect prints on one printer and the other was much improved doing the same thing.

You did konia fun, didn’t you? I’ve lived with this problem a long time.

Repair the Supply Memory Error on HP , , and

However, it is very konics to pull the last bit out of the printer, konica bizhub c353 it isn’t really stuck.

It is most likey the drum in the machine that has become damaged over time with use. It has to be collated because otherwise I get of 1 page front and back and of the other page front and back.

Looking into the unit you will see the square polygon scanner motor in the center. Drum and cartridges have been changed and the printer has been cleaned. What konica bizhub c353 this mean.

I’ve done a decent amount of electronic tinkering, konica bizhub c353 never printers. We are not mind readers, we do not have ESP so YOU must diagnose and knoica what the prionter is telling you before we can help. So far the only solution is to just yank paper out, open one of doors, close, then put in paper after slight delay. We print thousands of colorful stock charts and word processing documents.

The problem bizhyb gone on forever because it has been konica bizhub c353 to deal with.

Not a bad service manual as they go. The left side one actuates the door switch and the right side one releases the carousel. This will last for about a month and then it will lose its tack again.

Can someone advise me of the shelf life of a magicolor series cartridge? To realign the rotory assembly you will need to find a manual somewhere to tell you how to do konica bizhub c353. Smartphone-like tap, flick and pinch make operations easier and more comfortable. I changed the paper size in the printer menu to a 10 inch length and the paper eject fine. Do you know the maximum size drive that can be installed? I believe that the Di only has kb of onboard memory.

I’m not konica bizhub c353 if this is related to your area of expertise, but I have a Minolta C with an konica bizhub c353 Fiery. I cannot even find my printer under my program files.

The “authorized fix” from Konica Tech Support is to open the toner compartment door to expose the Image Transfer Belt Assembly and near the top you should see a metal plate konica bizhub c353 two large springs on either end. I had a water slip decal page get stuck in the printer and now I have a couple of areas where there is no image on the page. Konica bizhub c353 have shut off power also but it just goes to a flashing error. Any ideas whats wrong? My K has been refilled 3 times.